Hey hello what’s up

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my website. My name’s Britt Kay and I started this blog as a way to share my personal style (always affordable), beauty tips and brag-worthy products, life hacks for the 20-something, love for napping, and a little motivation every now and then.

I’m a Tampa girl (GO BUCS) and a certified #napkween. I love all things fashion, the latest in skincare, being REAL, and my hubs and dog, Kenobi.

Life’s frickin’ hard yo, so I hope this lil’ spot of mine can bring some light and the occasional kick in the ass to get you on your way to the best damn version of yourself possible.

I’m all about connecting with movers and shakers, so drop me a line at bnblacksays@gmail.com or follow me in IG at @mrsbnkaybae.

Thanks for stopping by. ENJOY!