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You. Guys. I am so excited to share about this amazing little boutique I have discovered. XO MandySue has everything you could ever want in a boutique – cute, trendy fashion at affordable prices. Let’s just say my husband has to monitor me daily to prevent me from ordering everything on their site.

One of my fav finds from XO MandySue are these drop-dead adorable overalls. I’ll admit, I wasn’t the first to jump on the overall trend this summer. They reminded me too much of my awkward middle school days when overalls and jelly shoes were all the rage. But when I saw these overalls on their site, I had to get them. Between the daisy embellishments and the ruffle straps, how could I say no? They are the perfect mixture of girly and classic.

I decided to pair these with an equally girly top, but honestly, you can throw on just about any shirt under these overalls and it’ll look fab. I’m thinking the next time I wear them I’ll pair them with a strappy crop top and a messy bun.

Just about everything on XO Mandy Sue is fabulous, and the quality is amazing. Check them out and use code BRITTANY35 for 35% off your entire order (just don’t tell your significant other).




Photography: Kristina Maness

2 thoughts on “Overall szn

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks for reading my blog 🙂 I do photoshoots for a photographer as well as various boutiques. And the hair care products I offer are a brand called modern nature 🙂


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