Flowy dresses & why you shouldn’t let that one thing hold you back



As much as I’d love to just post pictures of this fabulous dress and call it a day, I don’t want to be your average fashion blogger. So I’m going to tell you a story.

I almost cancelled this photoshoot. I had woken up that day breaking out from a previous photoshoot (sweat + pounds of makeup = unhappy skin) and was feeling extremely self-conscious. Not to mention I have started doing my own makeup for a lot of shoots, and I’m not that great at it. I actually kind of suck. So my idea was to pile on makeup to cover up my breakouts and call it a day.

Except I felt even worse with tons of makeup on. I hate breakouts, but I hate covering them up even more. It’s like a lose-lose situation, especially when you don’t really know what you’re doing. So I sat around and pouted for a while.

And then I said F it. I had an obligation and I wasn’t going to let a few red bumps stop me. Isn’t that how a lot of life is? Something stands in your way or makes you feel like crap about yourself and you have to choose if you’re going to keep going or stay still. It could be finances, it could be a breakup, or, like me, it could be a breakout.

I guess my point is this: don’t let the silly shit get you down or discourage you from doing what you love. There’s a million unhappy people out there, you don’t have to be one of them. So put on a fabulous, flowy dress and go get ’em, tiger.



Dress: Meraki Co. (use code MRSBNKAYBAE for 15% off your entire order!)

Photography: Kristina Maness

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