All things SHEIN: Why I love it & how to shop


IMG_3619.JPGPolka Dot Wrap Cami Dress



SHEIN Split Back Drawstring Tie Sleeve Ruffle Hem Dress



Colorful V-Cut Birds Print Split Long Dress

I’ve been wearing SHEIN for a while now, and they really embody everything I’m all about – affordable fashion that comes with tons of personality. When I first heard of SHEIN, I was super skeptical. It seemed like a lot of the other fake, cheapy sites that had become “popular” in the last year. But after doing my research, I decided to give it go. And I’m so glad I did.

I never pay more than 20$ for anything, and everything I’ve ordered so far has been perfect both fit and quality wise. I’m not going to lie, it’s not TOP quality. You get what you pay for. But it’s perfect for trendy, in-the-now styles that’ll last you all season.

Here are my tips for shopping at SHEIN:

  1. READ THE REVIEWS. I can’t emphasize this enough. Some of the stuff is cheap, and some of it is see-through, and some of it just isn’t what it seems. Most of it is, but scroll down and read a few reviews before you commit to something.
  2. Know your measurements. All of their sizes are S, M, L, etc., and they are based on measurements. So having a decent idea of what your bust, waist, hip, etc. measurements are will go a long way on this site!
  3. Have an idea of what you want. Or don’t. But they have so many things that I end up buying one of everything if I’m not careful.
  4. Look for deals. They always, always, always have some kind of sale or coupon code discount going on, and you can get a lot of stuff without spending a ton!

I seriously love SHEIN, and I think you will too! Here are a few other items I’ve gotten from SHEIN that I’m absolutely loving.



Striped shirt with ruffle 

Crisscross front striped ribbed tee

Elastic-waisted ripped denim shorts (one of my favs)

Cut out striped jumpsuit

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