Impromptu photoshoot & my new fav summer shirt




There’s nothing like grabbing a coffee with an amazing photographer when she suggests an impromptu photoshoot, am I right? I have been working with Kristina Maness for a while now, and every time we shoot together it’s a complete blast. These are a few more silly photos from our shoot, but I love them and wanted to share.

Anyways, the reason for sharing these photos is to show ya my new fav shirt this summer. I love pink, and I love flowers, and I love off-the-shoulder, so give me all three and I’m a happy gal. This shirt can be worn with shorts and sandals (as seen here) or it can be dressed up with distressed jeans and pumps. Plus, this exact shirt is $10 at Target. Go snag it before it’s gone.

What tops are you lovin’ this summer?


Shorts – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Target

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