Long, flowy dresses are life: where to shop affordable dresses




I’m a sucker for a long, flowy dress. They are perfect for summer and can be dressed up or dressed down so that you can where them pretty much anywhere. But, as a long-flowy-dress-aholic, I can’t be spending tons on one dress when I want to buy five (which I do, like every week). That’s why I’ve compiled this little list of my favorite places to find affordable, fabulous long flowy dresses.

1. Meraki Collective – This little boutique is so fabulous it hurts. And, there price point is perfect for when you’re looking for a trendy dress but don’t want to spend your life savings. Plus, you can use code MRSBNKAYBAE for an extra 15% off your entire order.

2. SHEIN – Yes, I really shop here. And yes, I really love it. They have amazingly cute dresses that are in-season and super affordable.

3. Marshalls – This is one of my favorite places to find just about anything. From candles to sunglasses to long flowy dresses, Marshalls is where it’s at if you’re looking for fashion-forward items at a great price.

4. Ross Dress for Less – YEP, I occasionally shop here, too. The dress in these pictures is from Ross and it cost me all of 13$. #noregrets

5. Nordstrom Rack – When I’m feelin’ extra fancy, I’ll pop into Nordstrom Rack. They have high-end clothes and shoes at discounted prices, so you can always count on the quality of their stuff. But, sometimes they do run a little expensive, so it’s perfect for a #treatyoself day.


Where are your fav places to find Insta-worthy dresses?

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