5 productivity hacks to kick today in the ass

If you didn’t know, now you know: I’m ALL about being more productive and trying out the latest productivity trends/tips/hacks. Let’s face it, we’re all going a million miles an hour and most days we don’t get everything done that we had originally planned. Whether you’re a serial IG scroller, classic time waster, or just lookin’ to make the most of your day, here are a few hacks that actually work.


Figure out your peak productive hours. I read this little tidbit in a book somewhere and it’s seriously changed my life. I’m most productive in the morning, usually between 7 am and noon. After that, things slowly start to go downhill, especially if I didn’t start my day productively. Everyone is different – I have a friend who’s most productive at 2:30 am (insert crying emoji here). Figure out when your creative juices are really flowing and schedule your days around that time. Maybe you’re most productive at noon, or at 2 pm, or at 5 am. Use these “peak hours” to your advantage and knock out the hard stuff during these times.

Schedule out your day. Most people already have a sort of schedule that they follow each day – you get up, eat breakfast, get ready, go to work, run errands, go home, eat dinner, and so on and so forth. But take some time to break down each hour of your day and put meaning behind the things you spend your time on. Maybe you want to catch up on all your favorite blogs (cough cough) but can’t seem to find the time. When you schedule out your day, you’ll more than likely find little holes where you can fit in the stuff you want or need to do. Between brushing your teeth and breakfast, during your lunch break, after dinner – these are all vital times that we often do nothing with and could get more done by taking advantage of them.

Wake up & make that to-do list. I usually wake up in the morning with a million and one ideas and goals for the day, but by noon I can’t remember any of them. As soon as you wake up, while you’re having that trusty morning Joe (or five), write down the goals and things you need/want to do that day. Make a separate list for work and home/personal. The most important and rewarding part of making a to-do list is checking items off, so be sure to keep your list close by throughout the day so you can do a little happy dance every time you mark something off your list.

Take scheduled breaks. This is also something that has really changed my life. I think a lot of us go through the work day banging out what we can, for as long as we can, and then resort to our phones or mindlessly surf the internet when we can’t take any more work. Give yourself breaks! Every hour or so, schedule a 10-15 minute break where you can check Insta, respond to emails, refill your coffee, and take a short walk. This will help prevent burnout throughout the day and keep you feeling fresh and productive.

Reward yo’ self. In my book, checking off to-do items and completing blocks of work are BFDs. Being productive in general is hard and exhausting work, my friends. Come up with little rewards to keep you going and motivated. I like to do small, daily, rewards and weekly rewards. My daily rewards come in the form of naps, coffee, and sweet treats. My weekly rewards always change, but usually look something like that shirt I’ve had my eye on or a new cute tote. Get your nails done, get a massage, buy yourself a new book and read the first few chapters by the pool. Whatever gets you motivated works and will keep you looking forward to the end goal.


There you have it.

And with that, I’m going to go check off writing a new post on my color-coded to-do list.

Before I start on my next task of the day, I want to know –  how do you set yourself up for a kickass day?

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