Setting goals has quite literally changed my life.

I don’t say that lightly. Claiming that something has changed your life is a BFD. Big events can change your life. Getting married can change your life. Winning the lottery can change your life. And setting goals changed mine.

I used to be the type of person that I like to classify as a “dreamer.” I had tons and tons of dreams – make more money, find a job I love, workout more, change others’ lives, eat healthier – the list goes on and on. But that’s about as far as it ever went. I’d sit around and fantasize about these things, but I never really did anything to make them a reality.

But, when you sit around for 27 years dreaming, you eventually come to the conclusion that something’s got to change. At least that’s what happened for me. It wasn’t necessarily a sudden, come-to-Jesus moment, but it did happen pretty quickly.

What happened was this: I decided to take on a “side hustle,” which I wrote about in my last post. This new adventure required me to get serious about goals if I wanted to be successful. And, for whatever reason, I really, really wanted to be successful. I’m the type of person who will try something new and quickly lose interest because it’s either too hard or requires too much work on my end (see: half-marathon training, new diets, etc).

I didn’t want that to be my M.O. anymore. I was tired of being the quitter. I was tired of knowing I was capable of so much more, but doing nothing to actually reach my full potential. For years I knew I had so much to offer, I knew that I was capable of achieving every single dream I had, but I lacked the tools and motivation to see them through. I was done with that. And I was willing to do whatever it took to change things.

So I started setting goals for myself. Here’s what that looks like:

  • I set small, weekly goals that I know I can meet if I put in a little work. For example, I want to make X amount of dollars in my side hustle. I want to work out X amount of times for X amount of minutes. I write this all down in a notebook, and I look at it daily. The more specific, the better. And I don’t let the week go by without checking off each goal.
  • I set bigger, monthly goals. I want to work with X amount of girls to change their lives and make an income from their phone. I want to run X amount of miles total. I want to hit a certain rank within my company.
  • I look at these goals every single morning, and plan out what I’m going to do that day to get closer to achieving them.
  • I share these goals with others, usually my husband and at least one other person I know will hold me accountable and support me.
  • I put it out into the universe. I continually tell myself that I’m capable of achieving these goals. I DESERVE to reach these goals and reap the benefits they will bring.
  • I avoid negative thoughts at all costs. Negative thinking is the number one reason why I would sit on my ass and do a lot of dreaming but not much doing before. I was scared. I was afraid. I was doubtful. I questioned my own abilities. I don’t put up with that kind of thinking anymore. It doesn’t serve me.
  • I readjust my goals as I grow. The more I accomplish, the more I’m able to accomplish. I’m no longer afraid to set BIG, scary goals for myself, because guess what? If I work for it, it’ll happen. It’s that simple.

This has been a game-changer for me and has influenced and elevated every aspect of my life. It didn’t happen overnight, but with a little persistence and work, it WILL take you anywhere you want to go.

Do you set goals? If so, when do you set them and how to go about achieving them?

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