Do you ever have those times when you feel like your life is spinning on the hamster wheel and you’re going nowhere? That’s exactly how I felt a few months ago. My life was feeling a little lackluster, and I’d submitted myself to living on autopilot – waking up, going to work, going home, repeat. Sure, there were great times sprinkled in there, but overall, I was just… uninspired. I wasn’t waking up in the morning ready to take on the day, and I wasn’t going to bed at night feeling accomplished. Having something to work towards is critical to my overall mental health and wellness, and frankly, I’d run out of ideas.

So I threw up my hands and said an embarrassingly desperate prayer to the universe to throw me a bone. And guess what? It did. An acquaintance reached out and invited me to become a partner in her business. And for once in my introverted, I’m-just-fine-thanks life, I said yes.


If I’m being honest, I was pretty skeptical. Like okay, sure, I quite literally asked for this, but now what? Am I just going to turn into a successful entrepreneur over night? Plus, I am NOT a salesperson. I spent a small amount of time working as one and it ended with me breathing into a little brown bag in a full-on anxiety attack. And secondly, talking to people – especially strangers – is not my forte. It’s not even something I like doing. I’d be happier if we could all just sign language our way through life.

But the universe delivered, so who was I to question it/him/her? I said yes, and if nothing else I was determined to get that spark back into my life. Little did I know that saying “yes” to this opportunity would give me more than I could ever have imagined.

I now get to work alongside women who are redefining the word “hustle” – college girls who are refusing to be enslaved to their college debt, single moms who won’t settle for a mediocre waitressing job to make ends meet, and women who, despite hearing “no” their entire lives, continue to pursue their passion and have clawed their way to the top.

These are all women I would have never met if I didn’t say “yes.”

And as for the whole “sales” thing? It’s not even part of the job description. Instead, I have the privilege to share my own experience and journey with others who are looking for a solution I now have or are curious about a new way of life. A life that isn’t limited to the 9-5. A life that has no glass ceilings and no income caps. A life that can be quite literally anything you want to make it.

I didn’t go into this side hustle business with many expectations. And, in exchange for my willingness to take a chance – to say “yes” – I’ve been rewarded with things that I couldn’t even imagine going in. By allowing myself to be vulnerable – to talk to others, to share my life and my story, to help other women grow and be the best version of themselves – I’ve become a better version of me.

They said “don’t quit your day job.” And guess what? I didn’t have to. I get to make an additional income doing something I absolutely love, all from my phone. I get to pay off credit card debt, buy a house, and plan trips. All because I said “yes.” And that’s something I want to shout from the rooftops.


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